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Wetland City Tag Nominations Received for Three Indian Cities

Wetland City Tag Nominations Received for Three Indian Cities

Three Indian Cities Nominated for Wetland City Tag Under the Ramsar Convention, India has nominated Indore, Bhopal, and Udaipur for the title of "International Wetland City." This award recognizes the work that cities have done to protect peri-urban and urban wetlands.

Relevance of Urban Marshes

There are currently about 4 billion city dwellers, with 2.4% annual growth in the urban population. By 2050, almost 70% of people are expected to live in cities, which would increase demand for infrastructure and housing. Urban wetland conservation is essential.

·        Water resources fall short of sustainable sources due to competition from consumption, agriculture, and energy generation. Because they naturally filter effluent and control water supply, wetlands are essential.

·        Wetlands, which are frequently filled up, drained, and built over, are under risk from expanding municipal limits.

·        Wetlands purify water supplies, absorb waste, lessen flooding, and generate revenue from farming and fishing.

·        They produce urban green areas for people and wildlife.

·        Through aquaculture and biomass, they provide communities with economic benefits.

Indian Towns and Their Marshes

Locals are supported by the wetlands close to the three Indian cities that were nominated. There are tourist-attracting picturesque lakes in Udaipur, Bhopal's Bhoj Ramsar wetland, and Indore's Sirpur Ramsar wetland reserve.

The cities are eligible for the Ramsar tag if they preserve these important urban wetlands through suitable policy and community participation. It proves their dedication to the prudent management of wetlands for both present-day need and long-term sustainable development.

International recognition for the local authorities' conservation initiatives is another benefit of the wetland city accreditation. Following cooperation between states and city municipalities to demonstrate significant beneficial linkages with wetlands, India submitted these initial nominations.

Wetland City Tag Nominations Received for Three Indian Cities