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Gandhi Vatika, a 12-foot statue of Mahatma Gandhi, will be unveiled by the president close to Rajghat.

  • On September 4, President Droupadi Murmu will dedicate a 12-foot statue of Mahatma Gandhi and a "Gandhi Vatika" near Rajghat in a historic ceremony honoring the founding father of the country.

The Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti's endeavor, which takes place at the same time as India's celebration of its 75th anniversary of independence and its G20 presidency, is of utmost importance. Let's examine the specifics of this incident and its significance symbolically.

 A Salute to the Nation's Father

 At the gateway to the 45-acre Gandhi Darshan complex, a 12 foot tall statue of Mahatma Gandhi will be revealed.

 The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial at Rajghat, where the illustrious statesman was cremated, is close to this compound.

 Gandhi Vatika: An oasis of calm

 The “Gandhi Vatika," which is next to the statue, claims to be a peaceful retreat for guests.

 This tranquil garden setting will provide a pleasant atmosphere for thought and reflection.

 It is a fitting addition to Rajghat's environs, a location with significant historical and cultural value for India.

 celebrating the G20 presidency and 75 years of independence

 Due to the fact that it occurs during the commemoration of India's 75th anniversary of independence, the unveiling of the statue   and "Gandhi Vatika" is of particular significance.

 It also pays homage to India's G20 chairmanship.

 President Murmu's attendance at the event demonstrates the government's dedication to upholding Mahatma Gandhi's legacy and highlighting India's position on the world arena.

A Sign of Unification

Flags from G20 participants have been erected at Gandhi Darshan to represent India's G20 chairmanship.

With this act, India is demonstrating its leadership in the world and its commitment to international peace and harmony.

In the wake of Recent Floods, Renovation

Recent rains caused damage to the Gandhi Darshan complex, where these important extensions are being made.

Losses were incurred by the complicated library, mainly book damage.

The refurbishment activities are well under way, and vice chairperson Vijay Goel gave the assurance that they should be finished in two months.

Plans for Gandhi Darshan in the Future

 Future plans include for the addition of swings in the garden area, giving guests a place to unwind.

 Additionally, a planned art gallery will further enhance theGandhi Darshan offers a cultural and educational experience.

Gandhi Vatika, a 12-foot statue of Mahatma Gandhi, will be unveiled by the president close to Rajghat.