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Germany and Italy are seeking clearer assurances from the European Union that new cars with internal combustion engines running on CO2-neutral fuels can continue to be sold beyond 2035. The EU is proposing to end sales of CO2-emitting cars by that year, making it impossible to sell new fossil fuel powered cars.

About E-Fuels:-

Ø  E-fuels is one of the  type of fuels  that was produced by capturing carbon emissions and combining them with hydrogen made from renewable or CO2-free electricity. Eg:-   e-kerosene, e-methane, & e-methanol.

E-fuels known as carbon-neutral fuels:-

Ø  When e-fuels are burned in an engine, they release CO2 into the atmosphere, but the emissions are balanced by the amount of CO2 removed from the air to make the fuel, making it carbon-neutral.

Generations of Bio-Fuels:-

·         Electro-fuels  are  4th generation biofuels.

·         The 3rd  biofuels were made from (marine) algae.

·         The 2nd  biofuels were made from grasses (cellulosic ethanol).

·         The 1st biofuels were made from sugar-based crops, oil-based crops, and starch-based crops.

The 3rd & 4th generation biofuels use non-arable land. The non-arable lands are those lands that are not suitable for growing agricultural crops because of rockiness, erosion hazards, steepness, or climate activities.

Deinition of Bio Fuels:-

Ø  According to UNEP,  biofuel is those fuels that are derived from living matter. When electro fuels are derived from carbon emissions. The production of electro-fuel bypasses photosynthesis. Also, the production of electro fuel does not need solar energy. Here, the microorganisms act upon CO2 and convert it into fuel. They use electrical energy and chemical compounds like hydrogen to do the conversion.

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