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Hughes-ISRO satellite internet service

Hughes-ISRO satellite internet service

Key facts

HCI a joint venture company of US based Hughes Network Systems and Indian telecom operator Bharati Airtel   launched the first high throughput satellite broadband internet service in India.

This service would provide the  satellite internet to  remote parts of India by using ISRO’s GSAT 11 and GSAT 29 satellites.

ISRO has launched the GSAT 11 and GSAT 29 in the year 2018 to provide higher bandwidth satellite connectivity to Indian clients in the space enterprise. The GSAT 11 is capable of providing up to 14-Gbps through satellite network.

The newly launched HTS broadband service aims to provide the high speed broadband in regions that are inaccessible for the terrestrial networks.

For the past 1 year, this high speed internet service was tested in several regions such as Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, which lack terrestrial connectivity because of challenges posed by terrains.

The newly launched satellite internet service is capable of providing internet connectivity bandwidth of up to 100 Mbps  about 2GB data per day.

It supports services such as WiFi hotspots for community internet access, SDWAN solutions, backhaul to extend mobile network reach & satellite internet for small business.

India currently does not have the market for very high- bandwidth satellite internet in such regions & high- bandwidth internet are already served by terrestrial network in other places that are having high demands for internet services.

The Hughes  HTS service already has clients like Reliance ,Jio, State Bank of India and others.

Jio utilizes Hughes service for 4G -backhaul to provide services to remote locations for its terrestrial-telecom networks.

SBI uses this satellite internet service for providing connectivity to remote bank branches and automated-teller machine ‘ATM’ outlets.

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Hughes-ISRO satellite internet service