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“World EV Day 2022"

“World EV Day 2022:- History and Significance”


World EV Day 2022 was observed on the 9th of September for evey year. World EV Day is observed to emphasize the importance of e-mobility.

EVs first came into existence in the late 19th century, when electricity was among the preferred methods for motor vehicle propulsion.

 In India Tata  was  leading brand of Electrical vehicles. Tata Motors produces more electric cars than any other company in India.

Unlike internal combustion technology—which uses combustion and pressure to propel a vehicle—electric vehicles, or EVs, are propelled by electromagnetism. These vehicles use electricity, typically stored in a battery, to power an electric motor.

World EV Day 2022

World EV day helps to spread awareness about sustainable transport facilities among  the people. Air pollution is mainly caused by transportation, and EVs are one of the major alternatives to decrease air pollution on the atmosphere.

World EV Day 2022: History

The first World EV Day was observed in 2020 and was an initiative of Sustainability Media Company Greet TV.  

World EV Day 2022: Significance

World EV Day aims to make people aware of the benefits of switching to EVs. Using Electric Vehicles can transform the world for the better and save the environment as well as energy.


World EV Day 2022: EVs in India

India had sold more than 3,00,000 units of Electrical vehicles. From the year 2020 to 2022 there  was a growth of 168 percent in the performance and sales of EVs in India.

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“World EV Day 2022