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September 7 – celebrated as International Day of Clean Air:

September 7 – celebrated as International Day of Clean Air:

The International Day of Clean air was observed to recognize the importance of clean air in our health and daily lives.

About the International Day of Clean Air:

Air pollution is the most important serious environmental threat to people’s health and a preventable causes of death and diseases worldwide.

It also has an destructive effects on the environment and affect mainly women, Children and elderly.

This day serves as a rallying to unite the efforts and assert our right to clean air.

Highlights and History:

The United nations general assembly on its 74th session, had adopted a resolution that calls for International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies on 19 December 2019.

To help organize the International Day on September 7, it also invited the United Nations Environment Programme in collaboration with other relevant organizations.

For increasing global solidarity and action of political momentum against air pollution and climatic change this day served as a platform. This included increased international co-operation on air quality data collection, the development of new technologies, joint research, and sharing of best practices.

Actions of the resolution:

Indicating that all regions understood the importance of this concept, united on the issue, and there were no obvious divisions the resolution was adopted without a vote.

To promote the importance of clean air - for health, efficiency, economy and the environment, this day would help to demonstrate the close relationship between air quality and  other environmental and developmental challenges such as climatic change.

Efforts like sharing actionable knowledge, best practices, innovations, and success stories were taken to mark the day on promoting solutions which improve the quality of the air. These actions were geared towards bringing together the diverse actors for concerted regional, national and international approaches.

With shared responsibility, we could develop solutions to preserve our environment and health.

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September 7 – celebrated as International Day of Clean Air: