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Themed festival in Vizag – Ganesh Chaturthi

Themed festival in Vizag – Ganesh Chaturthi

To create awareness on issues like usage of plastic bags, the organizers of Ganesh Festival had come up with different themes during the festival starting period August 31, 2022.

Theme for this year – Plastic versus Environment protection

Every year the festival was organized with different themes like usage of  helmet, Cyber safety, Save trees and Covid 19 vaccination and this year, it is of “Plastic versus Environment protection”, said Peela Hariprasad, founder of Yuvasevam.

For the first time, The Ganesh idol was placed in a jute bag and the rat carries the bag at a pandal in Thatichetlapalem.

Message from the theme

‘To prefer cloth bags instead of using plastic bags’, was the message that this theme had brought to us. Almost all of the decorations were made of eco-friendly materials, since the size and the decorations of the idol were not at the focus, but the theme only.  Also, Polimera Durgarao had made Ganesh idols using paper at Madugula KJ Puram and all the villagers worshipped the paper idol.

Doors are open for the celebration

Since March 2022, there had been no public celebrations on Ganesh chathurthi  and other festivals due to Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions. But now, since there were no restrictions on the festive, the organizers would hold the Celebration in a good manner.

Chief Medical ofiicer K.S.L.G Sastry – GMVC

Over the past two years, Vinayaka chathurthi had not been celebrated due to pandemic protocols and restrictions during festives. Since there were no restrictions and protocols and the human system had come to a normal stage, the doors are open for celebrations to revive the festive spirit in the city as per Official guidelines, said GMVC Chief Medical ofiicer K.S.L.G Sastry .

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Themed festival in Vizag – Ganesh Chaturthi