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New Sugar Substitute developed by IIT – Xylitol.

Points to be noted:

D- Xylose which was previously used to produce Xylitol had produced only 8-15% that caused customer to spend higher prices.

Researchers of IIT had developed a new sugar substitute called xylitol which had decreased the time of fermentation to 15 hours through ultrasound assisted fermentation method, which at Conventional method took 48 hours and the yield had increased about 20%. The same had been published in a journal called Bioresource Technology and Ultrasonics Sonochemistry.

About Xylitol:

Xylitol  is an alcohol based sugar produced from natural products which is colourless, crystalline or solid in nature and water soluble,  has anti-diabetic and anti-obesogenic  properties that helps in protecting teeth from dental caries.

It is manufactured by a chemical process between D-Xylose, an expensive chemical which is wood – derived treated at high temperature and pressure with a catalyst called Nickel which consumes high energy during process.

Xylitol - Artificial sweetener or Natural sugar:

Xylitol is as sweet as a sugar substance called Sucrose which provides only two third of the food energy which is safe for diabetes. It is a natural sweetener which is alcohol based sugar but not an artificial sweetener  that are found in fibre rich fruits and vegetables, extracted from oats, berries and mushrooms and from sugarcane and corn husk which are fibrous in nature.
New Sugar Substitute developed by IIT – Xylitol.