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Aurangabad being the first to publish EIE data:

Aurangabad being the first to publish EIE data:

           As reported,  Aurangabad Smart City Development Council Limited (ASCDCL), Aurangabad had become the first city to publish Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE)  data from Google, which has been released on 2nd August 2022.

v  Google introduced  EIE dashboard for Aurangabad, during an event which was held in New Delhi.


v   According to that, this data will help the research groups in developing sustainable solutions for any problems  that was created to the city.


v  Working with Google is very important for Aurangabad, that it will improve the development of the environment and the society.


v  The EIE data will  also help in improving the society and creating a sustainable environment for the future generation.


Environmental Insights Explorer.


The Environmental Explorer which uses exclusive sources for modeling capabilities that was arrange in a freely available platform in order to help the cities and region measure emission sources  and to run analysis to avoid emission which has been developed by Google.  It provides data such as climate change and technology which helps in creating a sustainable carbon- free environment.


Aurangabad being the first to publish EIE data: