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11th Agricultural Census 2021-22


11th Agricultural Census 2021-22


            The Union Minister Narehdra Singh Tomar launched 11th Agricultural Census on 28 July 2022.  This agricultural Census was started in order to encourage farmers and in a way it will be beneficial to farmers, as we say that Agriculture is the backbone of India.  This year the survey was collected through via smart phones for the first time. 

v  The Agricultural Census will be conducted once in a 5 years

v  The 11th Agricultural Census will start on August

v  It is for the first time that agricultural census will collected through phone due to Covid 19 restrictions. 

v  The main  idea for this Agricultural Census  is to increase the income of the farmers and to empower the small farmers to cultivate on their own.

v  It is for reference that the Agricultural Census was taken by the Agricultural Minister since 1970-71.

v  The last Agricultural census was conducted on 2015-16, until now 10 Agricultural census have been conducted. 

v  Under  this Agricultural Census, the agricultural fund will be distributed to the farmers for their financial support.  the Agricultural census have been conducted under the supervision of World census of agriculture (WCA) which was put together by Food and agriculture organisation (FAO) of United Nations. 

v  The Agricultural Census was changed into Central Sector Scheme in 2007-2008.

v  Under the Agricultural Census the Central Government provide 100 per cent financial assessment to the farmers  of all the states and union territories for the payment of salaries , fertilizers, urea, office expenses, printing and etc.,  

11th Agricultural Census 2021-22