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Centre for Brain Research (CBR) at IISC, Bengaluru

The Centre for Brain Research (CBR) has been set up at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), at the approximate  cost of Rs 280 crore.

During the Programme, Our PM Narendra Modiji laid the foundation stone for Bagchi Parthasarathy Multispeciality Hospital. It is 832-bedded hospital.

The CBR is one of its kind research facilities, the main focus on conducting essential research for providing evidence-based public health involvements in order to manage age-related brain disorders.

About the Centre for the Brain Research:

Center for Brain Research was established as a non-profit, autonomous research organization in the IISc. It was a liberal gift from Gopalakrishnan and his wife Sudha Gopalakrishnan. It is funded by philanthropy and receives research allow to do specific projects from several granting agencies. In order to note that Mr. Gopalakrishnan has also provided funds to construct the state-of-art building in the beginning.

Centre for Brain Research (CBR) at IISC, Bengaluru