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Tamil Nadu ‘Ennum Ezhuthum’ scheme.

This scheme was launched to bridge the learning gap among students aged under 8, caused as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The scope of the scheme is, that it aims to ensure foundational numeracy and literacy by 2025.

The scheme was launched at an event, organized in Azhinjivakkam panchayat union middle school, Tiruvallur.

Distribution of Workbook:

In this Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme, the education department will distribute workbooks to students from Classes 1 to 3, in order to assess and bridge the learning gap.

Training program for teachers:

Before this scheme launch, a special training program was organized for teachers by the Government of Tamil Nadu, and handbooks were distributed among them. They were advised to opt for an interactive learning method and encourage students to read books and newspapers in the school library.

Why was this scheme launched?

The main goal of this scheme is to make the learning interest among the children.

This scheme is launched as schools in the state of Tamil Nadu is shut for 19 months during the covid-19 pandemic period. So this learning gap between the children cannot be bridged by regular classes alone. So this scheme was launched in order to help each child individually. For this reason, a high-level committee has been formed by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu ‘Ennum Ezhuthum’ scheme.