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Global Conference on Digital Health.

India’s Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in cooperation with the World Health Organization South- East Asia Regional Office, is organizing a Global Conference on Digital Health in New Delhi on March 20 and 21, 2023. With the theme “ Taking Universal Health Coverage to the Last Citizen, ” the conference concentrated on exploring the eventuality of digital health results to growth healthcare delivery and achieve universal health content targets.

In his virtual address to the conference,Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, India’s Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, emphasized the critical part of digital health in revolutionizing healthcare systems. The conference was attended by global health experts, policymakers, and leaders from the public and private sectors.

 Building Consensus on Digital Public Goods:-

 India aims to launch a global action on digital health as an institutional frame to make agreement on the creation of digital public goods as a pivotal enabler in achieving universal health content targets. The action will concentrate on using digital technologies to strengthen health systems, increase access to quality health services, and reduce health injuries.

Digital health results, like telemedicine, health information systems, and Health, have the eventuality to ground gaps in healthcare delivery and growth health issues. By using these technologies, healthcare providers can reach further cases, indeed in remote and underserved areas, and give them with timely and cost-effective care.

Perfecting Healthcare Access and Quality:-

Digital health results can also growth healthcare access and quality by enabling remote consultations and monitoring. Cases can consult with healthcare providers from the comfort of their travel, reducing the need for trip and minimizing the trouble of exposure to contagious conditions.

Strengthening Health Systems:-

 Digital health results can also strengthen health systems by perfecting data collection and analysis. Digital health information systems can capture patient data in real- time, enabling healthcare providers to make informed opinions and track progress towards health targets. also, digital results can enable the sharing of health data across different healthcare providers and systems, perfecting care collaboration and continuity of care. This can be particularly beneficial for patients with complex health needs who require care from multiple providers.

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Global Conference on Digital Health.