Rules & Regulations

Institute Rules and Regulations

We believe in the proverb called “for every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward”. Following are some of our institute regulation to maintain it disciplined ever.

Working Hours: 9: 30am - 8: 30pm

  • Students are requested to attend the classes without fail or absent.
  • Students must be present 5 minutes earlier before the class commences.
  • Irregular students should get permission from the administrative office to continue the class. Without approval, students are not allowed to enter to the classroom.
  • Late coming students are not allowed to sit in the class, if he/she wants to attend the class, students should seek permission from the administrative officer.
  • Students should bring their institute books and a separate notebook for taking notes.
  • It is mandatory for the Students to bring their identity card provided by the institute
  • Students should keep their mobile phones in silent mode and not allowed to use during the class timings.
  • Students should obey our rules and help us to keep our institute disciplined and clean
  • Students should get the office assistant help to switch on the air conditioners.
  • After the completion of class, students should switch off all the fans and lights.
  • Students should park their individual vehicles only in the parking area given by the institute; also leave the space to park other vehicles.
  • Students should avoid noisy during the sessions and also in front of the faculty.
  • Students should keep silence during the class hours.
  • Students should arrange the chairs after the sessions.
  • Students are not allowed to break any objects in the institute or they will be fined.
  • Students are not allowed to bring other persons/parents in the class.
  • Faculties are responsible persons for the subjects and students should ask doubts to the faculty after every class sessions.